Sunday, December 8, 2013

Quality Time With UFO's (Unfinished Objects)

Last month I got sick. So I spent many more hours at home than I usually do, sneezing and wishing my sinus headache would go away. I brought things home from work, but I also used some of the time to try to finish some old projects. Remember this one? The chevron quilt inspired by photos of hot air balloons that I started in 2010? I didn't like the way the quilting was turning out so I shoved it under my sewing table and left it for a couple of years. Finally I admitted to myself that I wasn't going to finish it unless I fixed the problem, which involved ripping out a lot of machine quilting. And re-quilting it. And binding it. And now, it is FINALLY finished. This is probably the closest I've come to a monochromatic quilt, and the color scheme is more relaxing than in my typical work. Here is the back:
While I was at it, I also finished up a comfort quilt for a friend. This isn't really a UFO, since I only started it Veteran's Day weekend, and it never got put away somewhere for months or years while I worked on other things. But a finish is a finish. The pattern is by Bonnie Hunter and is called "Scrappy Mountain Majesties." It is a variation on a traditional pattern called delectable mountains. I love the electrifying color scheme.
And here is the back:
The third quilt I've been working on isn't finished yet. I am still hand-stitching the binding and haven't put on the hanging sleeve or added a label. I started it last year in a Bonnie Hunter crumb-piecing class (crumbs refer to small scraps). I worked on the blocks more this summer, then put it away again for a bit. When I pulled it out last month, all that needed to be done was to sew the borders on, baste it, and quilt it. I had a lot of fun designing mid-century modern doodles for the quilting design, a la Lucienne Day. I'll try to post some close-ups of the quilting later.

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