Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lichen Lines Quilt

Just finished this one...I call it "Lichen Lines" because the color scheme was inspired by photos in a book on lichens that I picked up at a used bookstore in Jacksonville. Lichen lines are a hydrologic indicator--they are the lines below which lichens don't exist that sometimes appear on trees in swamps, since the lichens are killed by standing water. They are used in wetland delineation for regulatory purposes. This is a good example of quilt borders doing what they are supposed to do. Before I added the borders, I didn't like the way the quilt was turning out, but somehow they just draw it all together and it works. Plus, they have monkeys on them!
The quilt is extra-long because it is designed to cover one of the tall bookshelves in my new office so I don't have to look at as many boxes of files. I actually have 3 shelves of files, so I guess I need to make a couple more shelf quilts. I haven't decided what the next quilt project is going to be, so in the meantime I'm working on a couple of scrap projects. My scrap bins just keep growing, so I definitely need to use some up!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Office

Life has rather overtaken me these last few months. Major reorganization at work, studying to take an 8-hour exam to get my Professional Geologist license, trying to digitize 38 years worth of public records in 5 months, etc. Two weeks ago they moved me to a new office building. As you can see from the pictures of my new office, we did not succeed in digitizing 38 years of files. I basically have gotten zero quilting done amidst all the chaos these last few months, but now I have an excellent incentive to finish a few quilts--to hang in front of all of those shelves full of file boxes!

On the bright side, so far the ceiling has stopped leaking, so maybe I will be able to get rid of the orange rain bucket and get the ceiling tiles replaced.