Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nene Reads Book Club

I summarize every book club read in one sentence and read it out at the meeting.

We did two book clubs this month because October's was postponed. The First book we read was The Tenderness of Wolves, by Stef Penney: "A murdered trapper is found in his cabin, and two dozen people take off into the Canadian wilderness in winter searching for lost relatives, murder suspects, other searchers, dead bodies, and a new home."

You may think that 2 dozen is an underestimate, but trust me, it isn't. The book was pretty good and the characters well-drawn, although there is a lot that is left out and at the end, it pretty much just stops and you don't really know what happens to most of the characters. And who the h@#$ is Half-Man, anyway?!?

The second book was Olive Kitteridge, by Elizabeth Strout: "Thirteen stories of people living lives of quiet desperation in Maine."

Olive Kitteridge was well-written, but I had a hard time getting over the fact that it is really a bummer and Olive is not an especially likeable person (although she does have her moments). And it felt a bit voyeuristic at times.

January is my month to pick a book. I have 3 or 4 possibilities, what shall I torture them with next, hmmm. . .

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm ba-ack!

Soo. . .I've been a total slacker and haven't posted anything in a month. I haven't posted in so long, I forgot my password and had to reset it (I hate passwords. I can never remember them unless I write them down, and how secure is that?)!

I actually have done some quilting, though, yay!

I made so many stars, I decided to make 2 quilts of valor (and I actually have 12 more blocks left over. Hmm, maybe that was a little overkill). The first one is set on point with setting triangles rather than squares and the rows offset. I like the zigzag line the setting triangles form. I sewed all the blocks together and added an inner border and "auditioned" 3 fabrics for the outer border and I don't like any of them. How can I not have a good blue border when I have a dresser and a bookshelf full of fabric???

And here is the second one, a straight set with alternating lattice blocks. I heven't sewed the rows together yet and I'm still thinking about borders. I have some rail fence units cut from the strip sets I used to make the 9-patch centers of the star blocks, and I may sew them together to make a blue and white piano key-type border.