Saturday, January 7, 2012

Something Missing

Yes indeed, there is something missing in this picture. The Megasaurus (my main sewing machine), has gone in for cleaning and service. Gone, gone, gone. What will I do all week? How will I cope?

Well, I have a couple of quilts to finish binding and putting hanging sleeves and labels on, all handwork. And I have a second sewing machine (ok, maybe more than one), but it just isn't the same. I thought I might cut up that pile of sheets that you see on the sewing table and make reusable grocery bags. But I'll still miss the Megasaurus.

On an unrelated subject, since it is that new year's resolution time of year, and in an effort to improve my diet, I got several vegan cookbooks. I'm not really vegan. I think maybe I'll just be a part-time vegan. Which is probably an oxymoron. Mostly I am not a vegan because I know too much about biology and basically, every animal kills something else (plant or animal) in order to live. But it's still probably better to do it a little less often.

Mostly my husband does the cooking, and I do the baking, so my favorite cookbook so far is:

I tried a couple of recipes so far, and they were actually pretty good. Not that cookies are the best health food, but a diet without cookies is really a diet too depressing to live with. So maybe just a few cookies, now and then.