Sunday, January 5, 2014

Quilt Studio Revamp

The other day I turned to my husband and said: "Honey, I've been thinking..." The words no man ever wants to hear. Because he knows a dreaded home improvement project is in his future. In this case, I decided I wanted a bigger design wall in my quilt studio. Which is about 11' square. I've had a 4' by 8' design wall behind the door for several years, but it is too small for any but the smallest of wallhangings. I need more design space. In a small room, with one wall mostly taken up by a closet and another by a window, there weren't a lot of options, but I now have an additional 8' by 8' design wall. Here is the space before (an armchair has already been moved out to make space. I only used it to store fabric on anyway.):

And here is the space after (2 sheets of rigid insulation board, 6 yards of craft felt, a staple gun and some wall anchors to move the floating shelves to another wall):

I got rid of some stuff, and I am still trying to sort and rearrange things, which is why I haven't gotten any quilting done this week. But my design space is larger, so I am happy!