Thursday, January 5, 2017

Some days, you should just go read a book instead.

I finally finished squaring up the Tumalo Trail blocks (my least favorite part of the quilt-making process). I cut sashing rectangles and cornerstone squares to go between the blocks. Next step is to lay the blocks out on the design wall to figure out the final layout and balance the colors in the quilt. Oh wait, the design wall already has a quilt on it that is half-sewn together and has been on the wall for approximately 3 months. No problem, I can lay it out on the living room floor instead. But there is a Christmas tree in the way. Oh well, it is nearly a week after New Year’s and definitely time to take down the tree. I spend an hour un-decorating the tree and remove it from the living room. Now I have a clear floor space and can lay out the blocks.

I try two different layouts, rearrange a few blocks.

Crawl around on hardwood floor and start to lay out the sashing and cornerstones between the blocks.

Stare at quilt. Realize that I forgot to factor in putting sashing around the edges of the quilt and therefore have seriously underestimated the number of sashing rectangles and cornerstones that I need. I didn’t cut enough. And the quilt is looking sort of short. I think I need an extra row. But I made some extra blocks. Hmm, only 3 extra blocks and I need 6. Get calculator to recalculate the size of the quilt, including blocks, sashing, and the approximate size of the border that I haven’t decided on yet to make sure it is big enough. Yes, one extra row will work.

I look up to discover that my cat has decided to roll on the quilt I laid out on the floor.

Right. I’m just going to go read a book now.