Wednesday, August 22, 2012


It's summertime, complete with the near-daily rains, heat, and bugs! Everything is lovely and green. I've been doing a lot of reading--I'm making progress on The Stack, my pile of unread books. I've read, or, in a few cases, decided not to read (and to sell back to a used bookstore) about half of the books in my Stack. And, of course, I've acquired a few more books along the my scrap bin, the levels never seem to go down much.
I completed a quilt, my first in MONTHS. This one is a comfort quilt for my friend Sara (shown on the right in the photo), who went in for surgery this week. She likes it! The pattern is called "Zipper" and is from Kerr & Ringle's Modern Quilt Workshop. Hearts are really not my thing, but this wasn't a quilt for me, so I added a heart, because it fit.

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