Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Marathon Quilter (with gratuitous bug shot)

I finished my summer term bug class and turned in my insect collection, though I do happen to have some extra dead bugs around. And maybe I've done a little collecting on the side since. This cicada-killer wasp was collected by one of my coworkers (after it's demise). Impressive, eh? I signed up for a class on insects and wildlife this fall (bugs and things that eat them; it looks like we'll also be covering bugs and the revolting diseases we can get from them and bugs and how we kill them).

I had some time between summer and fall term. So, I have been quilting lots and lots. I finished several projects, including some wall-hangings that had been gathering dust for a couple of years (pictures of them coming soon).

I call this one the Charlie Brown Quilt because of the pattern. It is a gift quilt and is now finished (including the label and a pillowcase to carry it in)! This quilt is kitty approved.

This unfinished project is one of the "Block of the Month" patterns for my guild this year. I liked it and wanted to try it. It reminds me of fractal shapes--the more you look, the more you see the same pattern repeating at smaller and smaller scales. I've been doing a lot of work on other quilts (and especially a lot of machine quilting and binding), so this one got put on the back burner.

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