Friday, September 1, 2017

Summertime Quilting

We are deep in summer, and looking forward to weeks more of hot weather--a good time to stay indoors and quilt!

Above is a quilt called 'Stretched Star,' pattern from one of the Nickel Quilt books. I sewed the stars on a 1926 Singer 99 handcranked machine when the electricity was out after Hurricane Hermine last year.

This quilt is another one from the set of 1/4-log cabin scrap blocks that I made in an effort to sew up my scrap bins. Both of these quilts were donated to a local homeless shelter that provides quilts to the kids who stay there.

This quilt is from a Bonnie Hunter pattern called 'Midnight Flight.' I have been quilting it over the past few weeks, in between working on all my other projects. Finishing the quilting on it is on my list of things to get done this weekend. I like the sunset colors of this one.

This quilt is based on two Bonnie Hunter patterns--the setting is from 'Narragansett Blues,' but she used 4-patch units in the quilt--I substituted spool blocks from one of her other patterns. The red fabric drawer in my sewing room was getting full, so I needed to make a red quilt. I finished the borders and pieced the backing, but still need to baste it. I love the spool blocks, they are only 3 inches finished and there are more than 280 of them in the quilt. I am tempted to make this quilt again in blues, just so I can make more spool blocks.

Blue, green, and turquoise triangles were part of my piecing efforts over Christmas vacation. I haven't even started quilting this one! I learned from this quilt that I like quilts that mix warm and cool colors.

Oh look, another 1/4-log cabin quilt! I have been experimenting with different settings for variety. I think this is the 6th quilt I've made from these blocks--and I still have more of them! I will probably make one more quilt from what I have left. This one went together very fast over the course of a few days since the blocks were already made. I had barely enough green in a 2-yard cut for the background of this one. The borders are made from leftover string strip panels from a project I made last year. This quilt is basted and ready for quilting. I always have so many projects going at once that it takes a while to complete them all, but I am never bored. I just started cutting strips for a new quilt yesterday, so there is no chance that I will run out of projects...

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