Friday, December 31, 2010

Evil Overlord Scarf

Not much quilting has gotten done lately, but I have been experimenting with knitting and crochet. Above is my Evil Overlord Scarf. For those of you who have seen "Despicable Me" (which is hilarious, by the way), this is just like the scarf the villain/hero Gru wears in the film. I saw it, and I knew I had to make one. I don't much like knitting with needles, so I decided to trying a knitting loom. This scarf is meant to be long and narrow, and it is, quite appropriately, 13 stitches wide. I had to make my own loom spacers to get a gauge this fine, the ones the loom came with gave a stitch that was too loose.

And this is the crochet scarf I started last month. I don't know if it will ever get done. This is the first scarf I tried to crochet, and I did not fully realize just how many yarn ends would need to be woven in when I changed colors so often, or just how long it would take. Or how much of a pain in the @$$ it would be. So, this project is on the slow road to completion. Every now and again I'll pull it out and weave a few tails in. Then I'll give up and put it away again for a while. I have noticed that the ends of the tails I've already woven in tend to poke out again over time, so I keep having to trim them again. And now you know why this project may never get done.

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