Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm ba-ack!

Soo. . .I've been a total slacker and haven't posted anything in a month. I haven't posted in so long, I forgot my password and had to reset it (I hate passwords. I can never remember them unless I write them down, and how secure is that?)!

I actually have done some quilting, though, yay!

I made so many stars, I decided to make 2 quilts of valor (and I actually have 12 more blocks left over. Hmm, maybe that was a little overkill). The first one is set on point with setting triangles rather than squares and the rows offset. I like the zigzag line the setting triangles form. I sewed all the blocks together and added an inner border and "auditioned" 3 fabrics for the outer border and I don't like any of them. How can I not have a good blue border when I have a dresser and a bookshelf full of fabric???

And here is the second one, a straight set with alternating lattice blocks. I heven't sewed the rows together yet and I'm still thinking about borders. I have some rail fence units cut from the strip sets I used to make the 9-patch centers of the star blocks, and I may sew them together to make a blue and white piano key-type border.

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