Sunday, July 4, 2010

Scrapbook FAIL!

(If you don't understand what a fail is, take a look at this website).

Our Deputy Division Director is retiring this summer and somehow I got elected to put together a scrapbook for him. So I bought supplies and had a bunch of my coworkers cut out paper fish and photos and make scrapbook pages. There are still lots more for me to put together once we finish printing photos.

Well, he doesn't like things made in China, and it turns out that scrapbooks that are not made in China pretty much don't exist, unless you go on the internet and pay 2-3 times what your average scrapbook will cost. So I thought about making one from scratch and found some acid-free chipboard and dug out all the double-sided fusible that I have and some fabric and came out with this:

Notice that white band on the right side of the scrapbook? Yes, that is the pages hanging out from the too-small cover. The chipboard I bought only came in a 12 x 12 inch size. No problem, I thought, the pages are the same size. Never having constructed a scrapbook before, I completely failed to realize that the pages are in plastic sleeves that are about an inch wider than the paper, so the scrapbook cover needs to be wider as well.

Luckily someone brought in a custom scrapbook made of wood veneer, and someone else has been enlisted to make covers out of wood. So this is just an experiment gone slightly awry. I still smile everytime I see it. And I realized that I can trim down the pages so that they will fit in the skinny scrapbook, and use it myself to document my quilts, which I've been meaning to do but somehow have never gotten around to.

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